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Did you plug it in ?


A client called having technical trouble accessing a file on his computer. 

Me: Okay, are you using Mac or PC?

Client: I’m not sure.

Me: Okay, does it say “Start” in the bottom left corner of your screen?

Client: No.

Me: Is there a circle with a flag icon there?

Client: No.

Me: Is there an apple in the top left corner of the screen?

Client: No.

Me: Do you know if you’re using Linux?

Client: No.

Me: Okay, how do you access this document you want to publish?

Client: I click “Start…”

Nice App


Sparrow Lite 1.5 is now available from our website (licensed version) and from the Mac AppStore.

Sparrow Lite is now full-featured.

General IMAP support, multi-account, unified inbox, CloudApp, Dropbox, Send and Archive, extended sidebar… it’s all there.

The only difference with the paid version is that Sparrow Lite is ad-supported and will include a Sent with Sparrow signature in all your outgoing mails.

You can now get the full taste of Sparrow before deciding to get the real deal.

(Source : sparrowmail)